Meeting – August 17th, 2017

As always, we will be meeting at Crafty Ales and Lagers on 8/17/17. The “official start” time is 7pm.

This month’s meeting we are asking members and anyone else who joins us in August to bring in their DIY brewing projects.  Did you make something that you use for home brewing and would like to show it off?  Bring it!  This will give us a chance to share our creative ideas and answer any questions fellow members may have.  Or are you in the middle of a DIY project and you’re stuck?  Bring it in and maybe someone can assist with suggestions or ideas on how to move forward.  Looking to improve on a DIY project or a process in your home brewing method(s), this is another opportunity where someone could probably help out a fellow home brewer!

Come join us and enjoy some great beers too. See you there!
Crafty Ales & Lagers
2 Exchange St.
Phelps, NY 14532