November Meeting 11/17/16

As always, we’ll be meeting at Crafty Ales and Lagers on 11/17/16 and “officially start” around 7pm.

This month’s meeting we will be enjoying our brews from our “Iron Brew Competition” that some of our members participated in.  The brews and information are:

Tony vs. Paul – Red X Malt and Lucky Charms
Tim vs. Scott – Pumpkin Spice Cheerios and Experimental Hop (must have no name just a number)
Derek vs. Adam – Jalapeños and Capri Sun (yes the children’s drink and any flavor)

There will be a panel of judges (from other local breweries) sampling the beers from each of the three groups.  Come in, watch the judging and enjoy a pint of great beer from Crafty’s while enjoying the show!  May the best beer win! See you there!

Crafty Ales & Lagers
2 Exchange St.
Phelps, NY 14532


National Learn to Home Brew Day

Thank you to the kind folks at Crafty’s Ales & Lagers, Finger Lakes Fermentation League did a common mash with their (Crafty’s) mash tun but everyone performed separate boils. Members of brew club added their own hop additions, other ingredients and yeast based on their preference and the OG from their runnings collected from the mash tun. 

In December (monthly meeting) the group will bring their brews from today’s event to share with everyone. 

AHA Learn to Homebrew Day

The American Homebrewers Association (AHA) is having its annual Learn to Homebrew Day on Saturday, November 5.  We’ll be participating in the event by brewing with a “common mash”.  With the help of Crafty Ales and Lagers, we’ll make a single large mash, then split it into a number of different beers!

We’ll be mashing in around 8am and the day will last until about 1pm.  See you there!