Meeting – April 21

Our April meeting will be tonight.  As always, we’ll be meeting at Crafty Ales and Lagers and “officially start” around 7pm.  See you there!


Anniversary Brew

To celebrate our first year as a club, Crafty Ales and Lagers has been kind enough to let us brew a batch on their system.  We discussed a beer we all wanted to make, voted on the details, and brewed it up.

We decided to play around a little with coffee, an ingredient that we all generally enjoy, but none of us had a lot of experience brewing with.  So we made a dark brown ale with lactose and coffee.  The lactose, or milk sugar, isn’t fermentable by beer yeast, so it will lend a sweetness and smooth mouthfeel to the final product and help balance out the coffee.

We brewed on March 5 and now, it’s ready to taste!  Starting Wednesday, April 6th, you too can try it out on tap at Crafty Ales and Lagers!